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Fastest Growing Jobs of 2020

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Technology continues to move at breakneck speed, impacting nearly every industry. Advances in AI and automation, especially, are changing the way in which we work. With such rapid change, professionals will increasingly need to learn new skills in order to keep pace with the job market and stay competitive.

According to Guy Berger, Principal Economist at LinkedIn, “Artificial intelligence will require the entire workforce to learn new skills, whether it’s to keep up to date with an existing role, or pursuing a new career as a result of automation.”

LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report identified the top 15 jobs in the U.S. that have demonstrated tremendous growth over the last five years. While jobs in engineering and development make up more than half the list, you’ll also find roles requiring soft skills on the rise.

Here are the top 15 emerging jobs of 2020, according to LinkedIn, along with related courses offered by UCLA Extension for you to explore.

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

2. Robotics Engineer

3. Data Scientist

4. Full Stack Engineer

5. Site Reliability Engineer

6. Customer Success Specialist

7. Sales Development Representative

8. Data Engineer

9. Behavioral Health Technician

10. Cybersecurity Specialist

11. Back End Developer

12. Chief Revenue Officer

13. Cloud Engineer

14. JavaScript Developer

15. Product Owner


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