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The American Language Center has overseas representatives in many countries. These representatives are in the business of providing information and services to students who want to enroll in educational programs in the U.S. and other countries.

Although it is not necessary to use one of these agencies when applying to the American Language Center or any other UCLA Extension programs, some students and families prefer to contact a local consultant who can give them information and advice about schools and also provide assistance with the application and visa process.

When should you use an overseas representative?

There are several ways in which overseas representatives can be helpful, and many agencies provide a full range of services, including school information, help with applications and visas, and even travel arrangements.

They can be especially helpful:

  • When you do not know where to study
  • When you want to study in a particular city or region but do not know which school to choose
  • When you want information about a longer study plan: for example, English language study followed by a university degree program, a certificate program, or a vocational program
  • When you need information and assistance with the visa process

Are there extra costs?

Fees for UCLA Extension and American Language Center programs should be the same regardless of whether you apply directly or with the help of an agency. However, some agencies provide additional services, and they may charge extra for more complicated programs and for extra service.

How can I find an Overseas Representative?

In many countries, there is a Fulbright Office or U.S. Information Center where you can find lists of agencies. Although the American Language Center (ALC) does not have study abroad representatives in every country and city, we have many partners around the world. 

See the list below for some of the ALC’s active agencies by country.

Overseas representatives by country

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