The Wonderful World of Airplants


Dive into the exciting world of Airplants and learn the skills to successfully care for them from landscape architect and airplant guru Joshua Rosen. 


What you can learn.

  • Understand what airplants are and how they survive
  • Learn where airplants grow including habitat photos and descriptions
  • Study horticultural requirements for growing airplants in the home or garden
  • Know design considerations when designing with airplants

About this course:

Airplants or ‘Tillandsia’ challenge our most basic assumptions about plants, that they needed soil and to be in touch with the earth. A recent development (in evolutionary terms) this incredibly diverse genus features a stunning range of forms adapted to grow in a wide range of habitats. Learn more about these fascinating plants from how they survive, to their natural habitats, and of course how to enjoy them in your home and/or garden. Joshua Rosen, a licensed landscape architect, will share his lifelong passion for Tillandsia (airplants). Joshua founded Airplantman in 2012, a company focused exclusively on custom installations and California-made products designed specifically for Tillandsia. Airplantman installations can be seen throughout Southern California and the world and have been featured in numerous publications.

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