Global Supply Chain Management

MGMT X 460.912

This course covers the various facets of international transportation of goods, including costing, foreign government regulations, U.S. maritime law and policy, and a comprehensive view of logistics in overseas marketing.


What you can learn.

  • Explore ocean and air transport systems, the global distribution system, and combination carrier arrangements
  • Gain an understanding of costing, freight rate negotiation, rate bureaus, and carrier associations
  • Understand the interrelationship of balance of payments and commodity movement

About this course:

This course covers the international transportation of goods by cost-effective methods through analysis of the structure of ocean and air transport systems in global distribution and single-factor pricing of combination carrier shipments. Other topics include costing of transport services; freight rate negotiation; rate bureaus, carrier associations, and conferences; prudent use of independent liners; analysis of landed cost competition; foreign government regulations; U.S. maritime law, policy, and antitrust provisions; ramifications of the Code of Liner Conduct and related bilateral trade agreements; interrelationships of balance of payments and commodity movement; Export Trading Company Act of 1982; common vs. industrial carriers and trends in their use; and a comprehensive view of logistics in overseas marketing.
MGMT X 460.902 Introduction to International Business and MGMT X 460.903 Fundamentals of International Trade.

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