Compensation Programs: Administration and Design

MGMT X 450.31

Creating a compelling compensation package is crucial to attracting the right talent to achieve organizational goals. Gain a comprehensive overview of how to design and deliver effective compensation programs in this course.

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What you can learn.

  • Examine the concepts, techniques, strategies, and forces that shape the development of a comprehensive compensations plan
  • Delve into salary administration, incentive plans, and stock-based programs
  • Understand how the underlying factors of motivation, performance evaluations, and labor marketing dynamics affect the development of compensation programs
  • Learn the laws and regulations that apply to compensation
  • Apply the concepts learned to build a compensation program

About this course:

In this introductory course, students explore compensation as a key factor in achieving organizational goals. In addition to introducing current concepts, approaches, techniques, and terms, instruction examines the forces that shape the development of compensation strategies, plans, and policies. Topics include salary administration, incentive plans, and stock-based programs; the factors of motivation, performance evaluation, labor market dynamics, and budgeting that underlie the development of compensation programs; key steps involved in developing salary administration and cash-incentive programs; major laws and regulations that apply to compensation; and the way compensation programs are designed for specific job families, units/functions, and levels of organization. 
MGMT X 450 Elements of Human Resources Management or consent of instructor.

Summer 2022 Schedule

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Instructor: Kathy Gilroy
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ENROLL BY: Jun 21, 2022
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Enrollment limited; early enrollment recommended. Internet access required. Materials required.

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No refunds after June 27, 2022
Course Requirements
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